Between the Worlds–now I know what “Prince Charming” really means



at the beginning of the process of charming…prince not included


A friend talked me into doing the craft fair that her PTO is doing as a fundraiser. It’s Saturday and I have created a bunch of Pretty Simple Charms to vend at the event.

I started making these small charms a couple of years ago for my own work and for clients.  I only started selling them fairly recently–to go along with a couple of helpful oils and my books–as a way to pay my way to conferences and festivals.

The charms–plus an order for a client in Georgia–are almost ready: just a bit of finish work to do.  I always make charms on the waxing Moon and Full is coming on us in a few days.

The word “charming” got me thinking about the Disney prince and I’ve daydreamed doing a story about someone who makes charms in the village, in a shop like a cobbler.  I’ll let you know if that turns into anything.

Meanwhile, I am working diligently on the next Hillfolks Hoodoo book and it is coming along pretty well. My plan is to have it in the hands of my editor/readers sometime in December.  We shall see, as my friend Mark Walker says.


2 thoughts on “Between the Worlds–now I know what “Prince Charming” really means

  1. What would be *really* cool is perhaps special editions of the book– maybe signed?– that come with a charm. I’d so buy that. I’ll buy the book anyway, but that would be, as they say, icing on the cake!

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