Apples! More apples!

I can barely sit here and write because I know there are a half dozen big fat Rome Beauty apples waiting on the counter for me to turn them into the glories that are apple butter!  I’m in a bit of a cooking frenzy right now, probably because I’ve decided to lose 20 pounds and my body is saying–it’s really cold. Don’t you want to eat something?

Dang. I’ve been trying to eat lots of yummy healthy things like collard greens and Brussels sprouts and baked cod. But I also have been gently sampling a cookie here and there. Or a slice of homemade banana bread.



corn bread with cracklings

In between bouts of apple butter, I am writing. My goal is to get a good strong edit into the hands of my first readers by the end of the month so I’m writing and rewriting and wondering what in the world possesses me to write yet another book on hillfolks hoodoo. And yet, I persist.  I even had a moment of true madness when I thought about finishing up the book of ceremonies that I’ve been working on for a couple of years (and is in not bad shape, actually).

But tonight is a quick bit of blogging after I sent the first session in the online folk magic class off to my new batch of students. I love doing this class–this is the fourth time I’ve offered it–and it changes every time. I suspect I learn as much as they do.

Here’s another picture of food–then I’m going to work on a ritual for Imbolc. Blessed sacred Brigid!


pumpkin pie with almond meal crust on a slash of red currant syrup


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