Preparing for Imbolc

Finally, my heart and spirit are ready to consider that another holy day is nearly upon us.  I’ve been working ond to get a draft of my new book to readers by February, while preparing for rituals and grieving West Virginia. And I’ve tended my body through a head-cold this whole week.

But today, at last, there seems to be a break in the Stygian gloom of this hard January and I’ve turned my heart toward Imbolc and Brigid.  I spent some time at the Solas Bhride website and reminded myself of the sweetness that is Kildare Town.  I found some healing there–at the well and fire and hearth of good Brigid.

So tonight, I sat down with Carmichael’s Carmina Gaedelica and forged some new/old prayers.  I’ll share them with you over the next couple of weeks.  Here’s a short one:

Smooring the Fire

Brigid Bright Arrow

To save, to shield, to surround

The hearth, the house, the household,

This eve, this night, oh! This eve, this night, and every night,

Every single night.



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