Brigid Dark and Bright


In the steep and common path of  our calling,

Be it easy or uneasy to our  flesh,

Be it dark or bright for us to  follow,

May your perfect guidance be  upon us.

Brigid of the Forge, be thou a  shield to us!

Brigid of the Fold, be thou our  shepherd and our healer!

In each secret thought our minds  may weave, Brigid of the Loom, give us sweet clarity.

In our grief or pain or  sadness,

Brigid of the Well, heal us,  strengthen us, stand with your mighty shoulder near to ours.

And in our joys and in our  bliss, Brigid of the Hearth, Keeper of the Bread plate, Maker of Beer,

Dance with us as we waken the  great round garden of the world.

 adapted from Carmichael


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