Sacred Space Conference–There and Back Again

Home again, children, from my third adventure at Sacred Space Conference in the DC borderlands of Maryland. The plans had been confirmed some months ago and Diotima, Star and I headed northward at 5:30 Thursday morning in a Subaru jam-packed with clothes, coolers of food, books to sell and all the props and handouts for the classes that Diotima and I were teaching over the course of the three days we planned to be there.

The trip north was relatively uneventful–filled with chat and laughter and serious discussions of new business ventures. We knew we’d be seeing some old friends at the hotel and also hoped to meet some of the people we only knew from Facebook. We were ready to cram every available minute with networking and talking about this thing that is the Pagan community.  And we really did.

We made pretty good time and got to our destination before dark but whipped around by a brisk and face-chilling wind. Naturally there were no luggage trollies available so all that Subara-filling stuff had to be hauled upstairs a load at a time. We are strong though and a little giddy from lack of sleep and 9 1/2 hours on the road, so we managed it perfectly well. We got settled in, ordered the fridge we thought to room came with and started unpacking all that food and booze and distributing our luggage throughout the little room. We ate some of the food we’d brought with us but had missed the Opening Ritual.

I put on my ritual robe, cords and stole and went down to one of the ballrooms to help with the Brigid healing ritual that was to be conducted by famed Pagan activist and organizer Selena Fox.

More on that, later.

Tomorrow, as I have done for many years, I will celebrate St Patrick’s Day. I won’t call it St Snakes Day or complain about symbolism of snakes, I will celebrate it because some of my blood, my heritage, is Irish.  I have corned beef cooking now and will start the day with some yummy “Irish” coffee.  This day always reminds me of a funny book from a few years ago–How To Be Irish Even If You Are.

Also, you should read Around Ireland with a Fridge. It is a funny, funny book.





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