I See the Moon. Does the Moon See Me?

As if October isn’t the most fraught and scintillating of months, here comes a “Blood Moon” and an eclipse.


Like most people of my spiritual persuasion, I do much of my work in conjunction with the phases of the Moon, as well as its zodiacal position.  Moon in Scorpio?  Yes, please.  Moon in Libra, I want to stay in bed with the covers over my head.

Waxing Moon energy is luscious, as it is tonight. Rippling with elegant intention, it is a time to do creative and potent workings.  This Moon has been quite beneficial in relationship weaving and I am terribly grateful for that and for the calm and easy way the energy can be used.

Of course, that may be the tai chi talking.  I had a class last night and another this morning.

Most people complain that they can’t sleep during the Full Moon but I always sleep well, especially with the moonshine on my face.  I can never sleep during the Dark Moon, or even the New Moon.  Too much sharp and anxious energy for my tastes.

I am going to bed early tonight though so that I can rise early and see what I can see in the western sky.



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