Blood on the Moon…and a Ring Around It, Too

We had a very grounding Full Moon ritual tonight at Mother Grove, led by Sabra.  We did some deep grounding and a guided meditation that included a song-in-your-mind.  For some reason, my song was “Ode to Joy,” in German.  I went into quite a reverie with it, drifting back to my German major days in undergrad.  Sehr gut.

When we locked up and came outside to our cars, the Moon was rising above the trees to the east of our building and we stood there and allowed ourselves to be amazed by its beauty, even through the film of cloud that covered its face.  Or Her face, which I prefer using.  She seems so holy, so divine–how can I not refer to this homely satellite as She?

We also noted a light ring around the Moon, which usually means a change in the weather. But the “Blood Moon” wasn’t bloody tonight, not even tinged in pink.   Cool and stately, untouchable but fiercely beloved.

Tomorrow I head out to the Southeast Wise Women’s Conference at Camp Rockmont.  It’s the 10th year, I think, and I’ve gone for many of those years.  I’ve only been teaching for the last few though and I like being a teacher there.  The classes are all juicy and I love being part of that.  This year there will be more than a thousand women on camp and that much female power is palpable.  For the first time, the teachers are staying in the only building left from its old Black Mountain College days and I’ll be very curious to see how that feels.

I don’t know how much blogging I’ll do from their because the internet is patchy. But I’ll try to report back next week about the experience.


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