Home from the Hill

The herb conference ended today and I had a sweet time, as I thought I would.  My public work was concluded Saturday morning so I had the rest of the day to attend classes and visit with friends.

The Willendorf class on Friday was well-attended, for which I am very grateful, and the discussion during and after was lively and gratifying.  I’ve adapted it to cover people who are not embracing Willendorf–the round and lovely–but to include anyone who has body issues that stifle and torment them.

It was especially fun when we did the guided meditation and I invited them to stretch out on the soft grass and so many of them did that there was no room to walk.

The advantage of presenting in successive years at a conference like this is that women who have attended classes in previous years come up to tell you how they remember a presentation or how it touched their lives for months afterwards.  How blessed to know when words and ideas continue to work their magic long after they’ve been spoken.

After my class, I attended one on death midwifery and the teacher was quite good.

Friday evening, after I had set up the altar/meditation space and unpacked, I got a tempeh wrap from the food truck and sat on the balcony, watching the dancing, drumming and singing around the fire.  I had warned my roommate–whom I knew!–that I would probably go to bed early and she shouldn’t fret about making noise coming in.

I did, and slept very well indeed. Which was good because Saturday was a very full day.


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