My new book–no, it’s still unfinished–is called Asfidity and Madstones.  I haven’t had any luck in finding old-fashioned asfidity until the really kind people at the Raven and Crone witchery shop found some at one of their sources and ordered it. It’s dear at $100/pound but nothing works like it and certainly nothing smells like if.  When Lisa contacted me to tell me my special order was in, she wrote “It smells like ass.”

I’m going to do traditional Appalachian asfidity bags, some out of flour sacks and some out of red flannel.

Here it is.  I wish you could smell it. But you might do well to be happy that you can’t.


One thought on “Asfidity

  1. Don’t you tie that round my neck…that stuff kept me healthy by keeping everyone away from me. The whole bus smelled like it and the teacher sent me home. Shhhhooooweee pfft. Stinkier.

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