Good Faeries Ball

The bands were Faun and SJ Tucker–Sooj–whom I’d seen at the Festival of Souls in mid-October outside of Memphis. We got dolled up (faeried up?) and enjoyed the bands in the ballroom for a while, then retired to a bar in the hotel where we could sit down and also have a glass of wine. ┬áNot much to tell you so I think I’ll post some of the pictures for you.

faeriecon 2014 030trashing the room

faeriecon 2014 032cleaning the jools

faeriecon 2014 022make-up close up???????????????????????????????full length…yes, it is a Lady Godiva wig???????????????????????????????your basic bathroom mirror shot

faeriecon 2014 027

Star masquerading as a good Faerie

Witches’ Pizza and too many pillows

We three met and ate pizza and had tots of a maple-flavored whiskey. We laughed and gossiped and commiserated with the recent accident that broke her ankle. Hours in that welcoming place, witches comparing notes and stories. I think I could literally sit at the Morrison’s feet for a very long time, soaking in the wisdom, the courage, the verve. But as the night stretched into early morning, it was time to go back to Cockeyville and leave that beloved friend and teacher behind.

The bed in the hotel was very tall and covered with enormous pillows, which helped me feel like one of the Little People myself. I piled the pillows onto the comfy chair and settled down for some rest and good sleep.

The conference began on Friday and sleeping in was a distinct possibility, thank goodness.

My first commitment was a panel discussion, an introduction of the Mythic Track headliners. What a remarkable group I was part of! I knew them all from previous festivals and conferences and the possibility of learning from them and spending social time with them was delicious. Michael Smith and I serve on the board of Cherry Hill Seminary together so we have a chance to banter at monthly board meetings. Ivo Dominguez is one of the organizers of the Sacred Space conference where I’ve taught for three years now but we rarely have sitting-down-together-time. Raven and Stephanie Grimassi taught at Pagan Unity Festival last year, where I was also teaching.

See what I mean? Stellar. Rock stars all in the Pagan world.

Jason joined us for the discussion and we had a funny, informative discussion which was good, since only one person showed up for that intro panel. Bless her! (To be fair, we were opposite a very hot author panel and one of the first events of the con, so it was perfectly understandable.) And besides, we had a great time.

My first class was a shorter version of a workshop I’ve done several times–The Spirit-Haunted Landscape. The room was full, the audience enthusiastic–off to a good start!

Then…the shopping. There were rows and rows of stalls with some of the most luscious high-end merchandise I’ve ever seen at one of these events. Clothing, jewelry, handmade soaps, books and cds, even some fairy dust. I’m not much of a shopper but I acquired a handmade soap in the shape of a British police call box. It was blue and smelt of Earl Grey tea.

A supper with friends set us up nicely for the Good Fairy Ball later that evening. But first we trashed the hotel room by unpacking the make-up, costumes, wigs and jewelry necessary for Star and me to be “good fairies.”

Away with the Fae…but first a meeting of witches

To finish up this year of teaching and travelling, I was invited to teach at Faeriecon East, up in Maryland. My friend Star was kind enough to drive and we started out a little before 10 AM, heading first west and then northeast. In a little space of time, we were slipping into the deep long valley of the Shenandoah. The low ridges flanked 81 on either side and I longed to touch the sweetly-tended old farmlands.

It is a long, long valley and it seems sometimes as though one will never escape Virginia. But at last we wandered through that odd bit of road that is Virginia and Maryland and West Virginia and Maryland again. The road around Baltimore was easy, even at rush hour, and we arrived in a timely manner at the town and the highway where the conference hotel was reputed to lie.

But where was it exactly? In the early darkness, we drove about and finally stopped at another hotel to ask directions. As it turned out, we had by-passed our destination because there were no lights on the sign and few on the front of the building.

So much luggage! Costumes, workshop materials and notes, suitcases, snacks and more and more. We needed two trips with the big brass cart to get everything up to the room.

Unloaded, made pit stops, met with our genial and not-at-all-freaked-out host, Jason Pitzl and prepared to head south again to meet with our friend and colleague. The two witches got back in the car and wended their way to the home of The Morrison. Dorothy Morrison.