We All Are Here! We All Are Here! All Manner of Goods Things Will Come to Us Now!

My friend, Beloved Crone Antiga, is an ancient Songstress.  When we are in circle together, we often ask her if she has a song–and often she will chirp–“I have a song”–in the slow moments in a ceremony or discussion.  The lines in the title of this post belong to one of the songs we often sing as we come together.

It’s 2015–we all are here.  I’ve been working on the chapter in my new book that covers the concept and uses of liminal time.  To be considering that as the culture strides through the welcoming of a “new year” has been very fruitful and very interesting.  I have been having vibrant and informative dreams as I think about the usefulness of liminal time.  Last night I dreamed of an entire day-long retreat revolving around the lore of Brigid.  And I woke, remembered, went to the computer and created a Facebook page for the retreat. As of this writing, the retreat is almost filled.  By trusting my instincts, and using the energy of this powerful liminal time, we’ll all have a deep experience to herald the coming of earliest spring.

We all are here.  The last few years have been shaped by this Tower Time thing and we are often overwhelmed by the size of the crises and also by the way they seem to loom suddenly, strike hard and fast, and then swiftly retreat, tsunami-like. That has left some holes in our collective Self, I think. Holes that can be mended collectively, too.

We all are here.  We can use this Full Moon coming up as a Moon of Intentions.  I’m leading a Full Moon ceremony for Mother Grove on Sunday night and we’re going to set personal intentions for the calendar year.  With luck—and a dearth of predicted rain–we may even get to do that while huddled around a bright and hopeful fire.

We all are here.  All manner of good things will come to us now. Let’s put some energy behind that, shall we?  We’ll embrace the richness and joy of life, for a change, and leave behind some of the anxiety of these changing times.

All manner of goods things.




5 thoughts on “We All Are Here! We All Are Here! All Manner of Goods Things Will Come to Us Now!

  1. I love this. Songs that echo and guide, they get under our skin, we remember them and they help us. I would love to know the melody of We All Are Here.

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