New Site Design

New year and time for a new look, I think.  I’ve had that same template since the beginning and I’m feeling a need to freshen up some things.  Now is the time for invention, as we discovered in our Full Moon ritual on Sunday evening.  Let me explain…

It was my turn to do the Full Moon ceremony at Mother Grove Goddess Temple. The priestesses take turns facilitating it, which gives us lots of chances to play around with ritual style and content.  I always prefer to be outside, if possible.  And it was possible.  We’d had a fair amount of rain but it was blessedly clear as we gathered round the fire bowl and waited for the Moon to rise through the boughs of the big, naked oak tree.

I had arrived early in order to get the fire started.  I’m not a natural fire-maker and I need more experience to be more confident of my skills.  When we all arrive together, I always defer to people who are better and quicker at it than I am.  So it’s important that sometimes I do it all on my own. For practice.  I did okay and got it going with not too much effort.  Then I loaded some firewood nearby.

We do different things at different Full Moons.  Sometimes I’m not sure what I’ll do and I leave it all in the lap of the Goddess.  This Moon I named the Moon of Invention…and there group that gathered dove into it with enthusiasm.  We decided that “intention” is overused these days and begins to feel a bit passive.  Invention feels more creative, more active.  And, frankly, more fun.

How are you reinventing yourself for the new year? Made promises about less booze, more exercise, a better writing schedule?  No, wait, that’s me.

What is yours?



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