Friends in Strange Places…Beautiful, Strange Places

Saturday morning, I put on my formal black robe and packed my cords, crown and athame into a carryall.  I switched out my ID, some cash, the phone and a few cough drops into my wee shoulderbag.  Then I headed for the Cathedral of All Souls to celebrate the ordination of my buddy Michael Ashmore to the Episcopal Diaconate.

Angela and I represented Mother Grove and Michael’s supporters included clergy from many places–a Reform rabbi, a Methodist, a Catholic priest, a Presbyterian and others I probably didn’t meet.

The service was somewhat familiar, since I’ve been to a couple of these before.  So many parts of the ceremony are similar to what we do at Mother Grove–and I admit to a fondness for heavy clouds of incense–but there are big differences.  I really can’t sing the songs or pray the prayers but I was there to witness this important ceremony for my friend. There was something liberating and beautiful about the realization that I didn’t need to believe what most of the other folks in that lovely place did in order to part of that moving ceremony.

The reception was nice, too


spiritual patchwork


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