A New Spinster


I got a wild hair last week and went to my favorite craftish store–Earth Guild–and the kind woman there helped me choose a spindle and a wad of carded wool.  Then I watched my friend Jessica use her drop spindle and watched several YouTube videos.  This led me to a three hour obsessive drop-spindling extravaganza.

Making roving into yarn is a labor of love that requires practice and attention to detail.  I did another couple of hours tonight and finished spinning all the roving I got last week. Then I rolled it off the spindle and into a ball of actual yarn.

It is…somewhat irregular.  The first yard or so is chunky, then it evens out to a fairly regular size.  I’m going to need several more ounces of roving and several more hours of spinning before there’s enough yarn to knit into a hurly-burly beige scarf.  I need to learn some modicum of spinning self-control so I practice for an hour and then leave it be.

Three hours of spinning in one position isn’t good for these old bones.


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