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photo by Rebecca Smith Smith

No, this doesn’t count as a post but I’ve discovered that there are people who read the blog who don’t do Facebook.  I woke this morning, pondering the changes all around us–from Springtime to fracking, we are riding some wacky and difficult waves.  So I did a few of my bossy Facebook posts and am sharing them here.  With great affection and the certainty that we can do this. Truly.

The next installment in the Tower Tome Document files is called Sacra Ephesia.  Here’s a post introducing that new essay–

I’m working on the next Tower Time essay. Yes, another one. Instead of worrying and fretting, take time today to ground yourself, breathe deeply, honor the Divines however you see them–and know that you have the heart and the brains to make this new world of ours. I suspect you also have the courage. Shall we continue? ‪#‎sacraephesia‬

And so many people are struggling right now with the innervating news cycle. I want to share what it is I do when I feel overwhelmed.

Each time you read or hear of a new atrocity, a new injustice, a near-incomprehensible horror, I invite you to ground yourself deep into the bosom of Mother Earth and to take three deep cleansing breaths. Give your heart to the affected and give your mind to new and innovative ideas of how to both succor and overcome. Games faces, friends, show your true beauty here in Tower Time. Persevere. Wield your power. Fear not. Fear not. ‪#‎sacraephesia‬


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