Where Did May Go?

It began with the wilds of Beltane, as you know…Kentucky Derby, daughter’s birthday, looming Pagan Unity Festival. And here it is, nearing the end of its lyrical run…June is just around the corner.

In the last several years, time has seemed to move so slowly–life is full and varied, and I’ve been intentional about doing the things that really nourish me. But, holy moly,  this month has zoomed by.

My friend Star and I headed for Nashville a week after Beltane weekend and were at Burns State Park for six days and the aforementioned Pagan Unity Festival.

I taught three classes, participated in an authors’ roundtable, met with the editor of the Wild Hunt and helped with an Ancestor Ritual facilitated by my friend and colleague Priestess Nanci.  In between were visits with friends I don’t see very often and learning from excellent teachers and speakers.

We got home a week ago and the poor dry garden was waiting.  Most of this week has been spent in my home garden, the women’s garden and our new WECAN community garden. Mulching, watering, doing the occasional rain charm (to no avail).

So, I haven’t been blogging much or writing much. I am hopeful that the end of May will see some renewed commitment to finishing up the second Appalachian folk magic book.  I have a very good editor, and a ready-to-go publisher.  We’re really just waiting for Farmer B.

Did I mention I also finished and submitted an 8,000 word essay on mountain folk magic?  So, yeah, I’ve been writing a bit. And I started a new session of my online folk magic class and have a great group of students.

Hope your May has been sassy and your summer bringing you the sweetest fruits.  Because, kindred, it is very nearly June.


and we visited the Parthenon and saw the extraordinary Athena


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