Flags, Rainbows and Hoop Skirts

I’ve been busy working on my new book and raising Hel over on the Facebooks.  Thought I’d share…

All y’all need to chill the Hel out. There is some grieving to do, and some beans to freeze, and plans to make for how we live when all this mess is finally crashed and done. Hurting each other out of anxiety and fear is not honorable, and it won’t feel good in the long run. Threatening each other, shaming each other, guilt-tripping each other because you are exercising the freedom that is ours to exercise, that’s not helpful, is it? Try to see the point of view of The Other, just try. And try to love the people who seem most unlovable. It’s good exercise. Also, ground yourselves and get your shields up and you won’t feel so off-kilter. And don’t forget–iced tea. It’s a sacrament.

Time–past time–to have civilized discourse on this debilitating war that has haunted us for 150 years. I have no idea how that can even happen at this point but it’s what must be done. It’s been handled shallowly, angrily, piss-poorly since Reconstruction. War. Triumph/defeat. Analysis. Reconciliation. Healing. Redemption.

This is how it works to be a Southerner, with Scots-Irish roots: the more you tell me how awful Southerners are, the more gloriously Southern I become. The more you tell me I can’t do something, the more I want to do it, flaunt it and inspire you to do it, too, by the flair with which I flaunt your rules. Appalachian culture is pretty different from other Southern cultures but I look damned fine in a hoop skirt. And I’m a good shot. Word to the wise.

Go, SCOTUS–Wonderful! Now can we really look at marriage and get religion out of it at the governmental level? That would be fine, too. Happy day!

So. Much. Equality. Now, can we have equal rights for women? How about that? Have we waited long enough or do you require a few more centuries of systemic and systematic oppression? Just let us know, we’ll be right over here, knitting (in between making sandwiches). ‪#‎FFS‬ ‪#‎ERA‬ Yeah, I’m looking at you, Hise.

On Clementa Pinckney–Blessed be the good man, his family and the others who perished with him through an act of terrorism and hatred. I question the timing of the release of the SCOTUS decision, so I am reminding myself of…other events this morning. What is remembered and honored, lives.

On the President singing “Amazing Grace”–

I am waiting for the day when the President does a touching rendition of “We All Come From the Goddess.” I suspect I shall wait for rather a long time for that. But I still remember the day I stood in a sweltering Lafayette Park in DC and listened to the powerful reaction of the crowd when I finished my remarks with–And may the Goddess bless America!

That’s all for now. What are you stirring up these days?


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