Strength Be Thine


These are fraught times for many of us. Yes, of course I’m going to advise you to ground and put up shields but I am also going to ask you to be really strong and to reach out to your community–however you define that–and to see who can’t be strong right now. There is a river of grief around us and this is the time for the strong to be there in the midst of the waters. Hold out your hand and lend yourself to the cause that is your cause. Love it fiercely, ferociously. Be the strength, if you can.

Strength of oak and stone and mountain be thine.


One thought on “Strength Be Thine

  1. Yes Ma’am! I see it all around and feel the challenges everyday. Particularly I get hit physically , so then it trickles to the strength of my thoughts and emotions and my ability to change the unfavorable. It seems as though the unfavorable is crumbling little by little in such sneaky ways and is trying to hang on to us sensitives, most do not see it or choose not to. I can feel it from every aspect.I feel it is our time to really pull together the knowledge that has been obtained through our” lives”and realize it has become our wisdom tools.Time to have them all laid upon the altar and be assessable at all moments.Courage not to fall prey to this illusion comes to me from you and the rest of us “Workers” ,knowing that we are not alone and the time has come to bring the “big guns” ,pull up our panties and get down to business. Steward the land, tap into the lelines we reside ,bring the bubble of protection around it,then with every footstep outside of said bubble, ignite the flame deeper and deeper connecting to the molten. Bringing it to the surface of every footstep and everything we touch.Transmuting this tower into our crystal paradise.
    Thank you!!! For your example and your reminders,You help bring the confidence to us all, that we do have what it takes to help pull some of the bricks and chip away the mortar without getting caught underneath. Blessed Be to us all and everything we touch, Aisha

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