Grain and Dancing and Getting Merry Like Lughnasadh

Mother Grove Goddess Temple does public celebrations of the eight holy days of the ancient calendar, among other things. We go to a park or rented space and we invite all our peeps to join in.

Many people prefer a solitary practice but do occasionally like to worship with others. We have lots of drop-ins and new folk who then return to their private lives.

Our celebration yesterday was a mixed bag of Lughnasadh, Lammas, First Fruits and thank-goodness-July-is-done. We honored Tailtui, Selu, Demeter and our harvest connections.

Two local bakeries donated tons ‘o bread and cupcakes and pastries and we decorated the altar with that bounty and as part of the ceremony, invited people to come to the altar, take a loaf of bread and give it to someone in the circle that they didn’t know. I think that was my favorite part of the ceremony as they wandered about with bread, introducing themselves, hugging, giggling.

So today is my day of rest. I finished a bunch of writing projects that were all due on August 1–one of which is my new book, which isn’t completely finished but actually feels like a book.  The marvelous Vicki Lane wrote a humbling Foreword that made me tea-up when it arrived in my InBox.

Now, I return to the gardens and orchards, and editing, of course. But for today, I’m kicking back. I may even drink a little beer.

That’s grain, right?