The Fire of Her Bright Spirit: a Year of Priestess Training in the Mother Grove Tradition

Mother Grove has been preparing this new program for many months and I thought I’d share it here for those of you who don’t do Facebook.  Leave me a message if you’re interested in the training year.

Year One

Cohort Luna

Ten women, meeting twice a month for thirteen Moons.

Ten women mentoring with seasoned priestesses, learning with and from each other.

Ten women tearing off the restraints and trappings of modern culture, stripping away fear and embracing longing.

Ten women training to be priestesses, learning to create and facilitate ritual, dancing into trance and memory and genuine power.

Ten women.

Are you one?

We begin in November, in the heart of the ancient New Year.

Join us.
The priestesses of Mother Grove Goddess Temple have designed a year of classes focusing on bringing a select group of women into alignment with their Goddess honoring selves. It is not a clergy training program—it is a mystery school for deepening each women’s spiritual journey, where women can feel able to priestess themselves.

We’ll begin in November of this year, meeting twice monthly for four hours each time. Every quarter we will meet for an intensive in a retreat-style format. We will end with a final day-long retreat, ending in a certificate ceremony the following November.

The charge for the year is $3000 per student, exclusive of travel, food, lodging and the quarterly intensives.



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