Days Of Rain

I returned this morning from the Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference. I fed the chickens, unloaded the car, checked the community garden and took a hot shower.

This conference is an old favorite of mine.  I used to volunteer there but started teaching and doing some ceremony a few years ago. This year it was my privilege to hold space for an opening fire ceremony, as well as the evening fire gathering. I taught two classes–one on herbs for all the phases of women’s lives and another on the folk healing traditions of the Scots-Irish folks that are some of our Ancestors. There was a croning ritual, too.

The other thing there was was rain. Lots and lots of rain.  I arrived in a drizzle and unpacked under a downspout. Some kind and lively young women schlepped my ton of baggage up the narrow stairs of the last building from the old Black Mountain College–the conference calls it the Mothership.

We were blessed with a light rain first, light but steady. Then the deluge.

Good sleeping weather.



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