Time to Ride

(A tip o’ the hat to Kate Laity, whose blog post inspired this one. See the original here before you read my pale imitation, if you please.


Star and I are headed North tomorrow, on our way to the beauty, splendor and wonder that is FaerieCon. We’ll be in Hunt Valley, Maryland, living in the lap of luxury.  I’ll be attending both the Good Faery Ball and the Bad Faery one but the real reason I am going is to teach.

Here’s my schedule for the con:

Friday  3:15

Candy Magic

Everyone knows magic can be sweet but do you know any candy spells? Asheville’s Village Witch Byron Ballard has come up with a handful of practical spells all centered around old-fashioned candies. You may have heard of the Marshmallow Hex but did you know there’s also a Reese Cup Power Spell? How about using Necco Wafers for your own nefarious ends?

Saturday  11-1

Sleeping in a Faery-Mound

Do you dream you fly? Do you wake tired in the morning from a full night of active dreamwork? We’ll work with the wild geese—the Gabble-ratchet—as we learn to travel the dreamscape and step out of ordinary time and into the realm of the ancient calendar. The class includes a guided meditation and introduction to trance work and we will discover some herbal allies as sacred smokes and low-alcohol ales.

Saturday  3:30-4:30

Into the Woods, Courting the Fae

It sounds easy enough to meet the Other Crowd, but have you? This class is about the folkloric and practical protocols for walking between the worlds of the Seen and Unseen.

And at 2:15, I am part of a panel of Very Distinguished Folk, pondering the eternal question–Reaching the Next Generation.

I’ll post pictures on Facebook as I can.

Speaking of which, I posted this today and it has been pretty popular:

A witch is a woman who cannot be controlled, who has the forces of the universe at her fingertips…that is why you are confused. You think you must bow and scrape and make nice, when that isn’t what’s required of you at all. Not at all. No more forelock-tugging, sisters. No more kneeling on broken glass. We have lit the signal fires, we have saved the scrolls, we are building the temples. Time to ride.

And, lastly, for this evening, please wander over to my being-revamped website and sign up to get linked to the blog there. I’ll be moving all this onto the site in the next little while so I can consolidate my witchery. So to speak.

Time to ride!


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