Miles to Go, People. And yet I am strangely calm.

My Year of Travel has commenced again.  I’ve just returned from Philadelphia Pagan Pride–a sassy and fun event that included (for me) two classes, one keynote speech, one closing ritual (with dancing!) and a perfect little wedding (with Piskey banjo man).  I got to hang out with some Fancy Deitsch folk and compare notes on folkloric practices.

Sunday I fly to St. Louis and drive on to the Walnut Valley Festival.  My fiction project takes place (minimally, to be honest) at the festival and I plan to hear lots of music and do lots of writing. So that may get some place after all.  I’ve tried fiction a few times and I write and write–and then run out of steam.

Speaking of writing, I will be working with the Amazing Annie to finally–finally!–get out a monthly newsletter.  Those were so easy when I simply put all your email addresses in a BCC and mailed you some thoughts.  Alas, nothing is so simple as that and there are templates to consider and MailMunch to appease.  Anyway, possibly soon.

Let this also serve as your reminder that Dark Moon is here and it is time for your considered witchery–like when isn’t?  I’ll be doing a little job of work tonight and watching for results.

Earth Works is selling briskly and if you haven’t gotten your copy, you can go to the Village Shop and order one.  I’ll sign it and send it as soon as ever I can.


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